About us

We extend the impact of creative ideas. We strengthen the voices of young people in European dialogue.

The European idea is playing an increasingly decisive role. Especially in times of Brexit and the ubiquitous forms of populism, European dialogue and exchange should be the focus of attention. This is what we are doing for young people – because they play a decisive role in shaping the future of Europe. We want to inspire young people with the European idea and develop this idea further together with them.

An insight into some of our projects

With the “Young Europe” youth study, the TUI Foundation sheds light on how young people view Europe and questions of democracy. Every year, young people in eleven European countries are questioned about their world, identity and political attitudes towards the EU.

In order to reach young Europeans who otherwise have little or no access to political education, the project “We are Europe” was launched. Here young people learn to establish concrete references to Europe and to formulate ideas of “their” Europe, taking up their everyday and living environment. The “Young Europe” project also aims to encourage young people to engage with the future of Europe in terms of content and concept. In the form of a competition, young people could send us their ideas and thoughts in the form of videos, pictures, essays or statements. In the “Charta of Young Europe” concrete demands and wishes were recorded.

For 20 years, we have been promoting and implementing projects to improve the conditions for education and training, for tolerance and exchange, and for the success of a cross-social dialogue. Regardless of the current focus of our projects, our mission statement is firmly anchored in our daily work.