We are Europe!

Does the EU influence my life? Hardly, think especially socially disadvantaged young people between the ages of 16 and 20 who have little or no access to political education. In order to win these target groups for European educational work, the TUI Foundation is developing the model project “We are Europe!” – with the IKAB Bildungswerk – in close cooperation with the municipal bodies of youth welfare and youth work. The project gives young people the chance to formulate ideas of “their” Europe and then implement them in guided actions, such as video productions. In October 2018, the model project will start with two subprojects each in Darmstadt, Dresden and Cologne.

Project partner IKAB

IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V. is an institution of intercultural political education that works for the success of a democratic European civil society. As project sponsor IKAB-Bildungswerk is responsible for the overall coordination of the project “Europe we are!”.

Subprojects at the locations

Location Darmstadt

Subproject 1: Ecumenical Children's and Youth House (ÖKJH)
The Ecumenical Children's and Youth House (ÖKJH) was built in 1986 and has since offered the young people in Darmstadt-Kranichstein many opportunities to occupy themselves and develop. Bearers of the youth house are the Protestant Philippus parish and the Catholic parish of St. James. In addition to the open meetings, which are a focal point for many young people in their spare time, there are a lot of holiday and weekend offers. The ÖKJH is also a coordinating partner

Subproject 2: * huette
The * huette is an institution of the Protestant Deanery Darmstadt-Stadt and part of the Stadtjugendpfarramt Darmstadt and thus an offer of youth work in the city center and in the city society of the City of Science Darmstadt. Jugendhaus * huette hosts open youth work for children and adolescents aged 10-27. The youth house * huette provides educational and learning rooms.

Location Dresden

Subproject 1: Children and Youth Center Juchten
The children and youth center "Juchten" of the city youth district of Dresden is located in Gorbitz, a prefabricated building area on the outskirts, which is considered a social hot spot and is determined by precarious life situations of the residents. The wide range of low-threshold offers in the field of open child and youth work (creative offers, dancing, holiday trips, open meeting) are aimed primarily at children and young people between 6 and 27 years.

Subproject 2: Children's and Youth House Chili
Children's and Youth House Chili

Coordinating partner
The youth and cultural project e. V. sees itself as a platform for the planning and implementation of projects in the field of youth, education and culture at local, national and European level. The Dresden Association promotes cultural exchange between European countries and thus contributes to the social integration and active participation of young people and adults. To this end, the association is dedicated to the coaching of volunteers and professionals in youth work throughout Europe.

Location Cologne

Subproject 1: Youth and Community Center Salamander
The youth and community center "Salamander" is located in the north-eastern outskirts of Cologne in Höhenhaus. The Salamander is a social space-oriented leisure and meeting place for people aged 8-27 years oriented, appreciative, situational, low-threshold, participative and development-promoting. The open area is the "heart" of the house and thus the basis of the educational work. Openness, accessibility, low levels of commitment, and the provision of spaces and resources are features that make the open space a place of appropriation, experimentation and self-determination.

Subproject 2: Children's and Youth Center Weiden
The children and youth center Weiden is a social space-oriented leisure and meeting place for children, adolescents and adults. The work is preventive, concomitant, intercultural and development-promoting. The Children and Youth Center Weiden supports children and young people in search of their place in society. This open youth work creates opportunities for meeting and getting to know each other. It is oriented towards the life and interests of children and adolescents and promotes self-determination and social responsibility. The Center takes on the tasks of SGB VIII and offers the citizens of Weiden a place where values ​​such as solidarity, tolerance, respect and acceptance are consciously and actively practiced. All visitors should be given the opportunity to participate in the facilities offered, regardless of their origin or religion. The children and youth center Weiden, known to all visitors as "Juze", is an institution of the Youth Centers Cologne gGmbH (JugZ).

Coordinating partner