Understanding Europe

Since 2009, the Schwarzkopf Foundation has offered compact courses about the EU in Germany. In 2014, the project was also introduced in Belgium, Italy, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary . In cooporation with the TUI Stiftung, the project has been successfully extended to Spain and the Netherlands in 2016.

In both countries,  Spain and the Netherlands, a team of 10 trainers will coordinate the EU-compact courses in cooperation with junior managers from the network of the European Youth Parliament. This means they will be responsible for giving speeches in the participating schools, coordinating the project and communicating the course concept to other local coaches. The Schwarzkopf Foundation is providing training for future trainers, taking care of the junior managers,  organising the development of the course content and methods and manages the project evaluation. By the end of 2017, up to 125 EU Compact Courses in Spain and the Netherlands  should be held and more than 2500 pupils will have been reached.

The aim of the project is to provide young people with a basic understanding of the European Union and to establish an active European multiplier network. In the compact courses, peer trainers answer the questions of the students about  European integration and together they discuss possibilities how to get involved in European policy. The EU Compact courses are thematically adapted to the European policy debates within the respective country contexts and translated into their respective languages.