Young Europe: A New Future?

Do young people feel adequately represented in the EU? Do they feel that their voices are being heard in the European political discourse? How do young Europeans assess the current situation in Europe? How do they get involved in Europe, if at all?

Bosse Ulfert Spohn (21) from Göttingen and Onur Erden (22) from London would like to find as many answers as possible to all these questions on their trip to Europe. Their trip takes them to eleven cities in Europe. In each destination they want to talk to young Europeans in order to get an idea of their different views on the EU. In addition, the two committed Europeans want to interview politicians and other decision-makers and discuss European policy issues with them.

Bosse and Onur met in 2018 for a project on populism in Europe. Both are studying political science, Onur in London and Bosse, with history as a second subject, in Göttingen. They share similar views on the EU. Bosse also participated in the TUI Foundation’s “Young Europe” project. The idea of the two is to build on the work of the TUI Foundation and to become involved as representatives of the European idea.