Salon #1: How much future is there in Brexit?

The TUI Foundation’s “Young Europe Salon” took place for the first time on 28 November 2019 in Berlin. The aim of this new format is to give young and established voices in European politics a space for discussion and exchange. To this end, the TUI Foundation invited more than 20 representatives from politics, business, culture and the Pro-Europe movement to dinner. These included four members of the Bundestag from various parties and representatives of the European Commission in Berlin.

The Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Thomas Ellerbeck, said in his welcoming address:

The TUI Foundation wants to inspire young people with the European idea. This also includes bringing young people and those who are enthusiastic about Europe together with those who bear political responsibility today. This benefits both sides. The “Young Europe Salon” should become an open space for dialogue on Europe.

Katja Sinko (European activist and initiator of the campaign “The European Moment”) and Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (member of the Bundestag, FDP) provided impulses for the exchange on this evening.