Charta of Young Europe

Parallel to the survey of more than 8000 young Europeans for the Youth Study, the TUI Foundation together with iRights.Lab carried out the “Young Europe” project. Young Germans between the ages of 16 and 26 were called upon to articulate their ideas about the future of Europe – by text, photo, video or audio message. Within a few weeks, more than 100 young people took part. Some of them were invited to workshops in Berlin by the TUI Foundation. The charter on the topic of Europe, which was conceived during the workshops, will be presented this summer. With the “Charta of Young Europe”, the young people show which topics are important to them shortly before the European elections. In the preamble they write: “With this Charter we want to give a concrete and idealistic impetus to European politics, business and society. We believe that we can only shape a future worth living in with courage and unity”. From an “Office for Dignity” in the EU, to a stronger commitment to environmental protection, to the call for “cultural and linguistic exchange programmes” or the establishment of a European competence centre for the social aspects of digitisation, the young people show that they have their own concrete ideas about the future of Europe.

Click here to download the Charta.