Pupils in Neukölln design the school of the future – Interactive exhibition and panel discussion with Franziska Giffey and Sandra Maischberger

The German federal state of Berlin has adopted a school renovation and construction programme worth five and a half billion euros. However, what do pupils imagine the school of the future to look like? In cooperation with their teachers as well as media and construction experts, the eighth and ninth graders at Albrecht-Dürer-Gymnasium have developed their vision for the school of the future and ideas regarding communication at that school. Today, the project, initiated by Vincentino e. V. in cooperation with TUI Foundation, will be presented in the framework of an interactive tour in the music hall of the secondary school in Neukölln. The pupils will subsequently discuss their concepts with Vincentino board member Sandra Maischberger and Neukölln’s district mayor Franziska Giffey.

Berlin, 26 January 2018.

The exhibition and the panel discussion will form the end of the two blog projects of Vincentino’s media workshop that the 40 eighth and ninth graders have worked on over the past eleven weeks. The pupils have placed their ideas on the websites ado-gramm.de and schulkunft.de, specifically set up for that purpose. There were no limits to their creativity: their ideas ranged from virtual lessons based on holographic technology all the way to a holistic concept for a school as a place of learning and recreation perfectly designed to avoid boredom.

There is a strong sense of excitement about the project among the pupils. “The ‘School of the Future’ project has been real fun. What was cool and simply great was that we were able to exercise our imagination. Creating and designing our own blog was a new experience for us,” say Nur Halici and Maria El-Bakri from 8d.

District mayor Franziska Giffey commends the visions developed by the pupils and underlines the importance of school for the development of young people: “Schools are not just places of learning – they also promote young people’s creativity and personal development. And I am delighted to see that Vincentino and TUI Foundation actively engage in our neighbourhood to support pupils in this process. The ideas presented for the school of the future are valuable suggestions for us to design schools where young people like to learn.”

Sandra Maischberger, Chair of Vicentino’s board of directors and panelist along with Franziska Giffey, says: “I am always fascinated by the commitment shown by the pupils in implementing the projects and by the creativity they develop in the process. Our association and I are delighted to open a few doors for them.“

“We have supported the work performed by Vincentino in Neukölln and Kreuzberg for almost two years. The project promotes the personal development of pupils and the work performed by the teachers. This creates optimal conditions for a successful start to the young people’s professional careers. And it contributes towards greater equality of opportunities within our society,” says Elke Hlawatschek, Managing Director TUI Foundation.

Vincentino e.V. was established by Sandra Maischberger in 2008. Since then, the association has supported many different cultural education projects at Berlin-based schools. The ‘media workshop’ run by Vincentino selectively brings pupils into contact with the complex media landscape and creates cultural and aesthetic learning spaces for children and young people in Berlin. TUI Foundation sponsors the ‘Media workshop – kids’ digital design” project run by Vincentino, which initiated the blog project on communication and schools of the future.



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