TUI Foundation Youth Project: Videos and Cooking Arts for a united Europe

Several months of model project “Europe we are” finished / meeting of all project partners and discussion of the scientific evaluation in Dresden


– Around 80 young people with little access to European political education in Dresden, Cologne and Darmstadt took part in the pilot project.

– Development and realisation of numerous videos, excursions, exhibitions, cooking groups and art installations by young people.

– Successful access for young people through low-threshold and target-group-oriented extracurricular offers via providers of free youth work

– TUI Foundation plans workshop on European policy education for employees of youth centres

– Presentation of the TUI Foundation’s third European Youth Study at the beginning of May in Berlin

Hanover/Dresden, 11 April 2019 – The model project “Europe is us”, which lasted several months and was carried out in children’s and youth homes in Dresden, Cologne and Darmstadt, has been successfully completed: The closing event took place in Dresden from 8 to 10 April. Dresden’s Lord Mayor, Dirk Hilbert, gave a welcoming address and praised the approach and participation opportunities for the young people: “It is important that young people are also reached, who are otherwise often given less attention in education projects. The employees in the youth centres here in Dresden, but also in Darmstadt and Cologne, have done a great job and made it possible for the young people to discover Europe with all their senses. Such projects are immensely valuable, especially in the run-up to the European elections”.

Present were the project coordinators, representatives of the respective municipalities, the project management of the IKAB Bildungswerk, the experts from the youth centres and the TUI Foundation, which initiated and financed the project.

The model project

With a view to the European elections in May 2019, the TUI Foundation and IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V. developed the model project “Europe is us” with the participation of the three municipalities. In particular, the TUI Foundation aims to reach those young people who tend to be neglected in political education with low-threshold offers. Since the end of last year, six youth centres in Dresden, Cologne and Darmstadt have therefore been offering target-group-specific access and participation opportunities. An innovative approach was to cooperate with the voluntary youth welfare organisations and the municipalities:

“We are pleased that this innovative model project has succeeded in reaching around 80 young people who have had no access to European policy education up to now. For months, the young people regularly took part in meetings and campaigns and were able to experience what Europe and the EU have to do with their real lives,” said Elke Hlawatschek, Managing Director of the TUI Foundation, summing up the results.

The project gave young people the opportunity to formulate ideas about “their Europe” and to express them through video documentaries, excursions to Brussels and Prague, exhibitions, business games, cooking groups and art installations. Hlawatschek is concerned with providing more intensive support and training for local specialists on a permanent basis. This is why the TUI Foundation is offering a workshop in Dresden for employees of youth centres after the completion of the model project “Europe is us! to anchor European political education in the work of the youth centres on a sustainable basis.

The recognition

There was also recognition from politics for the creativity of the participants and for the model project itself. In Dresden, the Saxon Youth Minister Barbara Klepsch took part in the final presentation of the Dresden Youth Houses in March. In Cologne mayor Dr. Ralf Heinen did not let it be taken to be there at the final event.

The evaluation

First results of the evaluation of the model project were presented by Dr. Barbara Tham of the Center for Applied Policy Research of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich at the closing event. Her conclusion: “The general assessment of the implementation of the project ‘We are Europe’ is positive overall. In the scientific evaluation, half of the young people gave the project a school grade of 1 and 31% still a school grade of 2.” On the basis of the results presented, there was a lively discussion. It will be incorporated into the development of concrete recommendations for action for European policy education work in municipal child and youth welfare. All participants expressed a strong interest in continuing the project. In an interview, a young person sums it up as follows: “I was not interested in Europe at all before. But now through the workshop you learn things, okay, Europe really concerns me. If you know more about what Europe brings to us, you can see what privileges you actually have – things you maybe did not know before.”

The next project

In the run-up to the European elections, the TUI Foundation will also present another project: The results of the third European Youth Study will be presented in Berlin at the beginning of May. The aim of the study is to gain a better understanding of the world, identity and political attitudes of young people in Europe. More than 8,000 young people in eleven European countries were interviewed.

About the TUI Foundation

The TUI Foundation promotes and implements projects relating to “Young Europe”. Its aim is to strengthen the idea of Europe. It therefore makes long-term investments in regional, national and international projects focusing on education, training and individual and professional development. It is based in Hanover and is committed to the common good as an independent foundation.

The detailed results of the evaluation of the model project “Europe is us” will be available from June and can be downloaded from the TUI Foundation.

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