Europe Live!

Europe as a homeland, our treatment of refugees, the emergence of right-wing populism in the EU, rampant youth unemployment and the mechanisms and effects of the financial crisis are all topics that young people in Europe talk about – and that link the political community with a generation that is accused of a lack of interest and disenchantment with politics.

The TUI Foundation’s “Europe Live!” project promotes open dialogue between young people and experts from politics, society and European institutions. It fosters the sharing of perspectives between political mechanisms, on the one hand, and general social issues, on the other.

It allows 9th and 10th grade schoolchildren to find out about political and social issues in Europe, ask questions, form opinions and produce videos of their projects. They are encouraged work independently and question things, so that they can form their own opinions and arguments, and then put them forward in open dialogue at events.

The pilot event in April 2015 was so successful that there will be four “Europe Live!” events every year in future.